First Animated PV of Angel Beats! Special Episode 2 "Hell's Kitchen"


A 15 second Animated PV of Angel Beats! Special Episode 2 “Hell’s Kitchen”, to be bundled with the upcoming Blu-Ray Box, was uploaded by Aniplex on the 18th of May. Since the video is region-locked on Youtube, we’ve rehosted it on the Facebook Page for your convenience! Check it out below.

New PV of Angel Beats! Hell’s Kitchen released~ For those not in Japan, you can view it here! Hell’s Kitchen is the new Angel Beats! OVA which comes out on June 24, together with the Angel Beats! Blu-ray Box.

Posted by on Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Angel Beats! Blu-Ray Box will be available for purchase on the 24th of June, two days before the release of Angel Beats! -1st beat-. What do you think of the preview? Are you excited to watch some new Angel Beats! anime after all these years?


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