Angel Beats! Blu-ray Box Cover and Screenshots Revealed


Dengeki Online reports that the cover image for the upcoming Angel Beats! Blu-ray Box, to be released on June 24, 2015, has been revealed as seen above. We see some really great new artwork seemingly done by Na-ga himself, with all the members of the SSS looking upwards. Yes, even Chaa!

They have also revealed some images from the upcoming Angel Beats! OVA entitled “Hell’s Kitchen” which will be included together with the Blu-ray box. Check ‘em out!


Iwasawa confirmed!

It’s only a month left until the release of the Blu-ray box, and it looks like the folks at Aniplex and P.A. Works are making it all the more worth your money to pick up this box. It’d be a great experience to watch Angel Beats! in HD right before starting out Angel Beats! -1st beat-, which comes out two days after the Blu-ray box, on June 26. Hype train never stops!



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