Rewrite anime comes to a close with final volume


Today, the 27th of September 2017 marks the release of Volume 13 of the Rewrite Anime, bringing the series to a close with the 24th and final episode. The box cover features what may be Itaru Hinoue’s final Rewrite art, and the digipack cover is by Nonaka Masayuki. This volume comes with audio commentary for the episode, a booklet and the previously announced mini-game Cradle’s Tale, which serves as an epilogue to the series.

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The volume is available on CD Japan on Blu-ray and DVD. Retailer-specific bonuses and set bonuses are available, but we’ll leave it to you to find on your own.


It’s sad to say but this might be the last we’ll be seeing Rewrite for a long time to come. Fortunately, we still have the upcoming localisation of Rewrite+ on Steam to look forward, and the inevitable Bookclub we’ll be hosting alongside it, so international Rewrite fans still have a little more to look forward to! But as far as releases in Japan go, this is the last big thing, unless you’re following Side-R. It’s been a long run Rewrite, and you’ve had your ups and downs, but I think many of us can proudly proclaim that you were a wonderful series that left an impact on our lives for the better. Let’s hold our heads high, and look forward to the future of Key together.

May mankind spread it’s wings in the pursuit of good memories.


Lover of Nintendo/Key/07th Expansion, continuing to wander through the fragments in search of myself. Never forget the heart.