Rewrite Epilogue "Cradle's Tale" Announced


Looks like fans of Rewrite have one more addition to the story to look forward to, included with the release of Rewrite Vol. 13 coming on the 27th of September: a new PC side-story titled ‘Cradle’s Tale’, sharing the same name as the song from the Instincts single. Announced on Twitter just now, it appears to be an epilogue for the franchise, taking place after the final episode of the Anime series and detailing “A story that believes in mankind’s potential” where Kotarou brings Kagari back home. Looks like this may be Romeo Tanaka’s final contribution to the Rewrite franchise.


Key have teased us by pointing out that this game does indeed share the same name as that song. As for what this could mean, Key asks that we listen to the song in preparation for the game. Guess it will set the scene for what’s to come. If you’d like an English translation of the Cradle’s Tale song, our friend shiranehito already has you covered.

How do you feel about Rewrite getting one last addition to the story? Will you be giving this a read? Be sure to let us know what you think below.


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