"Farewell,ours" Released as Summer Ends


As promised at the beginning of this long summer, Yuto Tonokawa and Itaru Hinoue are ending this season with the release of their awaited new light novel: Farewell,ours ~Natsu no Bokura wa Mabataki mo Dekinai Basho e~. Released on August 30, 2016, this light novel is Yuto Tonokawa’s first foray outside of visual novels, and the art provided by Hinoue adds for a familiar flair for us Key fans, as seen above.

You can pick up a physical or digital copy of the light novel from Amazon Japan (which, thankfully, ships internationally). If you’re undecided, you can check out a short preview of the novel straight from the publisher’s wesite. We hope this light novel helps add a bit more sparkle to the end of your summer~



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