Hinoue and Tonokawa Team Up to Create a New Light Novel


According to the Key official twitter, Yuuto Tonokawa will be writing a new light novel entitled 「Farewell,ours 〜夏の僕らは瞬きもできない場所へ〜」, or “Farewell,ours ~Natsu no Bokura wa Mabataki mo Dekinai Basho e~”, with Itaru Hinoue as the illustrator. It does not seem to be an official Key work; rather, it’s probably another HOLY BREAKER-esque deal, where the two creators just happen to both usually work for the same company.

The title is a very vague, to the point where we have decided to refrain from giving a translation until we have more context, so as to not cause confusion toward what the story is about (sorry).

Tonokawa is known for his work on Little Busters! writing the Komari, Kurugaya, and Sasami routes, and on Rewrite with the Chihaya and Shizuru routes. Hinoue is of course a founding member of Key, and has worked on all of their games except Angel Beats! -1st beat-.

So far, all we know about this content wise is the title. It will go on sale on August 30, 2016, and is being published by Famitsu Bunko.

The general reception of Tonokawa’s past works has been very divisive, but I am pretty excited for this novel, even if it is just out of pure curiosity in something new. Hopefully we’ll get some more context and maybe some illustrations as we grow closer to the release date!


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