Community Spotlight: Animenz Key Anime Piano Medley


Here we are with yet another community spotlight! May the 17th sees famed anime pianist Animenz publish a new video to his Youtube channel: a medley combinining AIR’s ‘Tori no Uta’, Kanon’s ‘Last Regrets’ and CLANNAD: After Story’s ‘Toki wo Kizamu Uta’, a medley which he claims to have been working on for the past five years. You may remember Animenz for his work on the Global Collaborative Arrange Album ‘Rebirth’, and now he’s back again with yet another Key arrangement! You can listen to his medley below!

I’m personally a pretty big fan of his work, so if you’re curious, please consider checking out his Youtube channel! He has produced numerous arrangements of Key music in his career including Little Busters!, My Soul, Your Beats!, Philosophyz, and many many more!

On behalf of the fans, thank you Animenz for delivering such amazing renditions of Key’s music to us again and again! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.


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