CLANNAD Side Stories Launches June 2nd!


After an anxious wait, CLANNAD fans can finally sink their teeth into CLANNAD Side Stories on Steam in just over a day! Sekai Project have gone and published the Steam Store Page for the title, and it’s been listed for launch on the 2nd of June! I’m starting to get used to Key titles popping up on Steam very suddenly before launch.

CLANNAD Side Stories features 16 short anime episode-length stories each focusing on a different character from CLANNAD, offering new perspectives, depicting both backstories and potential futures of the characters. It’s a fun and cute read for anyone who loves CLANNAD’s characters and wants to see more of them. For more info, check out our preview we did a month ago.

Will you be picking it up? Let us know below!

UPDATE: We’ve received reports that CLANNAD Side Stories physical editions have begun shipping out to Kickstarter backers, together with the CLANNAD Anthology Manga! Let us know if yours is on its way as well! We’re very excited to see what the Anthology Manga has turned out like.


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