CLANNAD Release Confirmed: November 2015


Sekai Project have just finished their panel at Anime Expo 2015, and along with heaps of new Visual Novel announcements, flyers were given away detailing one of their next major releases: CLANNAD! Written on the flyers, aside from general info about the VN, is “The English version of ‘CLANNAD’ is planned to be released on Steam November 2015, localized by Sekai Project.”

It’s great to see that the release is going more-or-less on schedule, only expecting a one month delay from their initial planned release of October 2015. We’ve already been seeing good progress on their work, and we as a community are really excited for this! We hope all of you are, too!

Credits to @catgirl147 for the picture, which was retweeted by Sekai Project’s official Twitter account!


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