CLANNAD Production Update #2 from Sekai Project


Big news, everyone! Yui, Sekai Project’s CLANNAD Project Lead, has cooked up another production update for followers of the localization that we’re ecstatic to share with you!

As of May 29th, 2015, the CLANNAD Official English Releases’ progress sits at a whopping 75% translated, with editing still following closely behind that percentage. Further details note that the Kotomi route has finished its second translation and editing pass and is ready for QA, with Common, Fuko, Tomoyo and Yukine routes fully translated and being edited as we speak!

There’s a lot of excitement and momentum going for the team, even after a serious scare with data loss that was avoided and engine issues that are being sorted out with help from VisualArt’s.

If the awesome news on the translation process doesn’t have you jumping for joy- Just wait, there’s more! The backer physical rewards are rolling through production as well! A preliminary box design has been approved by VisualArt’s and specs on the materials to use, sizing and gathering of source data for the physical release is still underway. More updates on this will come in the future.

Last, but you better believe not least- details on a new mechanic in the game has been revealed. The Dangopedia!


This new menu available from the main menu or pausing contains explanations of terminology and references to Japanese culture used throughout the novel to provide the best possible experience to all audiences. As the player goes through the novel, certain words are highlighted and unlocked in the Dangopedia for them to learn about. Pretty neat, huh?

This update really hammers in that this project aims for the utmost quality in its representation of CLANNAD. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m increasingly confident in this release being the ultimate edition of this Visual Novel.



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