CLANNAD Official English Kickstarter Production Update 11


The first half of this update is mostly just a rehashing and reconfirmation of Production Update 10.

Backerkit has been locked down, and you must now contact Sekai Project by email if you missed the cutoff for some reason. The game has arrived at their warehouse, and the estimated shipping date has been set at March 4. Recall that this shipment will include CLANNAD Limited Edition Boxes, tapestries, OSTs, T-shirts, Mini-shikishi sets.

For those of you who backed in the higher tiers, you will most likely be receiving your goods a little bit later than the other backers. This is because this small batch of rewards will first be sent to VisualArt’s office in Osaka to be signed by Itaru Hinoue!

Now onto the new stuff: First and foremost, Sekai Project recorded a lovely unboxing video of the Limited Edition Box so that we can all weep at how we have yet to hold it in our own hands.

Work also continues on the Side Stories and Anthology Manga. There are still some bugs and image inconsistencies that they have to fix for the former. While this might cause a bit of a delay, it is always better to catch these kinds of things beforehand. The Anthology Manga, on the other hand, is almost finished, and they expect to have it ready within two weeks.

Make sure to check your email, because shipment confirmations should be coming out later this week!

Also, we have now entered the Anthology Week of the CLANNAD Bookclub. Come tell us what CLANNAD means to you on the forum!


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