CLANNAD Official English Kickstarter Production Update 10


Seems like this might be the last Kickstarter update before the first wave of physical rewards finally ship, as the physical box of CLANNAD has finished production! Now all that’s left is to prep and to ship.

If you’ll recall from a few updates ago, Sekai Project plans to ship the rewards in two sets: first, the physical game itself, the tapestry, the OST, and mini-shikishi. The shipping window for these goods has been set for March 1 through March 10. The Anthology Manga and Side Stories will come in a second wave, and unfortunately we have no new updates on those items at this time.

In order to ship within this time frame, Backerkit will be locked on February 26, so this is also your last chance to change your shipping address if necessary!

For more information on CLANNAD, check out our series info page. Also, don’t forget that we are approaching the last week of our CLANNAD Bookclub! There’s still time to participate in the discussion of After Story, or to contribute some fanart!


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