CLANNAD Production Update 7: Physical Goodness


I’ll skip the fluff and get to the good stuff: Sekai Project just dropped a bunch of new info and pretty pictures for the CLANNAD Kickstarter Physical Rewards! And boy is it exciting! Lets have a look:

First the box. Yes the box. Sekai has finalized the design and production is already underway. The bigger news, though, is that Sekai has confirmed that they are making no more than 4300 copies (they are even numbered) and that this physical edition box will only be available for the Kickstarter backers. I know a lot of people have been asking if they will ever be selling a physical box separate from the Kickstarter, and unfortunately it seems like (for now) the answer is “no.”

Second, the MABINOGI CD and Guidebook. The CDs are ready and rarin’ to go, and have already been moved over to the production plant to be packaged with the box. The Guidebooks are in production as well, and will soon also be sent off for final packaging with the CDs and the game at the plant.


I’m digging what I’m seeing on that CD. Can’t wait to pop it in and hear it too


Oh look, Botan was a backer too!


OSTs, tapestries, and mini-shikishi are on the way to the warehouse. And T-shirts have started being printed as well!

That’s a lot of goods. But that’s not all. The Anthology Manga is in final QC and editing, and should start printing next month. The Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de Side Stories are waiting on one last build update before starting Quality Assessment.


The final page count has been set at 66


There are a total of 16 stories with an average playtime of about 20 minutes

So here’s the question we all really want answered: When are we gonna get these goods? Here’s the plan. The physical package of CLANNAD, the tapestry, the OST, and mini-shikishi will be in a first shipment, sometime in Quarter 1 2016. The Anthology Manga, along with the Side Stories, will both be in a second shipment later in Q1.

As for the digital downloads of the guidebook, MABINOGI, and OST, Sekai plans to have them available for download by the end of January. And as long as everything stays on schedule, the downloads of the anthology and Side Stories should be available around the same time as the physical goods.

While I’m sure people won’t be over the moon about still having a couple of months to go before the goods are in our hands, it’s nice to get another update. And those pictures are pretty darn cool. How about you guys? Are you able to keep the hype up while you wait? As for those who have picked up the digital copy, keep participating in the Bookclub. Its been going great so far!


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