Chihaya and Lucia Become Idols in Key's New Mini-VN


You heard that right! If you all remember the news we had some time ago, Key has been planning a small little addition to volume 4 of the Rewrite anime Blu-ray/DVD, releasing in December 21: a mini-game written by Ryukishi07 himself. Well information has finally been revealed and Lucia and Chihaya are about to get idolized!

In a guest article on AkibaBlog (link NSFW) written by Kai himself, he details the story of this minigame included in the BD/DVD release. Turns out, Kotarou (henceforth known as KotarouP) plans to turn Lucia and Chihaya into school idols! It’s a nice break of pace from the dark turn-of-events that happen around episodes 6 and 7 of the Rewrite anime, which coincidentally also ship with volume 4. The game is, as shown by screenshots on AkibaBlog, in a visual novel format, seemingly using the same engine as Rewrite. No official information as to the release format yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it were a classic PC game. Kotarou is also confirmed to be fully voiced in this one!


They’ve also confirmed a brand new song to be part of this minigame, entitled: “Princess is The Princess” performed by none other than Lucia and Chihaya’s voice actresses, Risa Asaki and Saya Shinomiya. The lyrics are written by Ryukishi07, and the song is composed by Tomohiro Takeshita. Sound familiar? Well he just recently released one of his compositions with the World of Dawn single, Okiraku☆Kyuusai. Those who’ve heard it can attest very well to Tomohiro’s skill at making idol-like songs.

So we’ve finally learned just what Ryukishi07 has up his sleeve for this minigame. How do you feel about it? Disappointed? Excited? Ecstatic? It will be interesting to see, that’s for sure!


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