Charlotte BD/DVD Details: OVA Episode Announced!


Charlotte’s official website has been gradually unveiling details regarding its Blu-Ray and DVD releases, and has just recently confirmed that an unaired OVA episode will be released together with episode 13 in Volume 7 on the 23rd of March, 2016. That’s still quite a while away, but in the meantime a new volume of the series will be released each month, with each limited release bundled with many bonuses for the collector! We already covered the contents of Vol. 1 in an earlier article, and each successive volume will include similar bonuses, as well as either Drama CDs or production commentary depending on the volume. You can confirm the bonuses for yourself on their website. The release dates for all seven volumes are as follows:

Volume 1: 23rd September 2015
Volume 2: 28th October 2015
Volume 3: 25th November 2015
Volume 4: 23rd December 2015
Volume 5: 27th January 2016
Volume 6: 24th Feb 2016
Volume 7: 23rd March 2016

If you’re interested in preordering the Limited Edition Blu-Rays and DVDs, they are still available via CDJapan and amiami for upwards of 5,000 yen. Let us know if you’ll be preordering them in the discussion!


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