Charlotte BD Volume 1 Announced


The first out of seven total, it has been announced that Volume 1 of the Charlotte Blu-rays and DVDs will be released on September 23! In terms of video footage, it will include episodes 1 and 2, their previews that were released on the web beforehand, and the pre-broadcast special that we covered previously. But thats not all! The Limited Edition will also come with a Volume 1 collection case with art by Na-Ga, a digipak with art by Kanami Sekiguchi, the storyboards and a sheet music booklet for the OP and ED, and a new Drama CD, the screenplay and character commentaries for episodes 1 and 2, all written by Jun Maeda himself.

And as if that wasn’t enough to entice you to buy it, the distributers selling it have bonuses as well! No matter where you buy, you will receive both a A3 size clear poster and, if you buy all 7 volumes, a collection case that will hold all seven volumes with art by Na-Ga. Not only that, but each individual seller will also be including their own bonuses, unique to that seller.

A short, 15-second PV for Volume 1 has been released as well. Thanks to Vietnam Key FanClub for re-uploading it!

The Blu-Rays will cost ¥7,000, and the DVDs will cost ¥6,000. A few distributers that will ship to the West, like CDJapan and amiami, already have them in stock!


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