Charlotte BD/DVD Volume 1 Released!


Today, September 23rd, 2015, the first volume of Charlotte’s Bluray and DVD releases hit the shelves in Japan. Items that came with the release (and details of the limited edition copies) were covered in an earlier article, but now you can get a good look at them!


An important note is that these copies will not include English subtitles, so be wary unless you’re sharp on your Japanese, plan to be, or are just a collector!

You can still pick up a copy from (BD/DVD) and CDJapan (BD/DVD), and most likely other places, too!

As of now, the series is almost over and the first volume is up for purchase already- As well as preorders being open for the upcoming volumes with more goods to be had! Are you picking up a copy? Are you waiting on the finale? Just want the pretty illustration of Nao? Discuss!


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