Charlotte and Angel Beats! Have Come Along with P.A. Works to Anime Expo


It’s July 1, and today marks the start of Anime Expo in Los Angeles USA! While we’ve taken a lot of time to cover the events surrounding the VisualArt’s booth, one booth who is, undoubtedly, related with Key is having a special booth as well: P.A. Works, the animation studio responsible for Angel Beats! and Charlotte!

P.A. Works has recently made an English twitter account and Facebook page to publish all their news for Anime Expo, and while we weren’t expecting it, they have quite a good number of Key-related stuff coming up! First is a showcase of production materials from both Angel Beats! and Charlotte. These materials likely refer to the key frames and storyboards from the respective anime, similar to what was showcased in the Charlotte Exhibit in Japan last year. They also plan to show a special costume from the final episode of Charlotte; we wonder which one it could be!

Second is their sales booth. While they have a good selection of items from their numerous anime repertoire, it seems Charlotte specifically dominates this sales booth. Available are the following:

  • A [mini artbook] ( of Charlotte containing numerous character profiles, production and background art from the anime, and even unique artwork of the Charlotte characters drawn by the staff involved with the anime.

  • A production material artbook containing a fairly expansive collection of all of Charlotte’s characters, scenes, artworks, and then some. This artbook is fairly large and filled to the brim with content, so it’s worth checking for any Charlotte fan!

  • A Charlotte clear file set also sold in the exhibit mentioned above

  • A Charlotte goods set containing numerous fun stuff for you Charlotte fans. This was also sold at Comiket 89!

  • And, not forgetting about Angel Beats!, a 5th Anniversary B2 wall scroll featuring Tenshi, Yuri and Yui in a celebratory pose.

So if you’re at Anime Expo, make sure to check out the P.A. Works booth at the Entertainment Hall, and you’re sure to not be disappointed!


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