Celebrate Rewrite this week with a ton of new releases

Rewrite BD7

A pretty exciting time for Rewrite fans this week, as we’re having new release after new release, one after another! Is this in preparation for the Rewrite anime’s finale this Saturday? Maybe! But with all these releases makes it a perfect time for Rewrite fans to celebrate.

First up is the release of Rewrite Vol. 7 on Blu-ray/DVD! Released last Wednesday, on March 22, this volume contains the last two episodes of Rewrite season 1, thus making it the finale release. Pretty exciting, and with a really pretty cover art too, as you can see above. This release contains the disc box with an outer an inner cover specially drawn, along with the disc of episodes 12 and 13, a special bonus booklet, and the second Key Animation booklet, continuing from Volume 3’s release.

Rewrite BD7 contents

(Image taken from the Rewrite anime’s official Twitter account)

If you’re curious for this release, you can easily pick it up at CD Japan (BD/DVD). Here’s hoping you were able to pre-order it early, as fans who ordered volumes 1-7 together would have received their bonus items by this time.

Rewrite S2 OP-ED Jacket

Also released last Wednesday, March 22, were the singles Last Desire and Instincts, the opening and ending songs, respectively, of Rewrite Terra. We’ve covered the basic info in our previous article, but notable now is the reveal of the second track of the Instincts CD, entitled Cradles Tale with lyrics by Kai, composition by Donmaru and, of course, vocals by Mizutani Runa!

You can grab both Last Desire and Instincts also on CD Japan!

Rewrite PS4

A day after these anime releases, came another new release for the Rewrite visual novel: Rewrite for PS4, released on March 23! Previously announced at Tokyo Game Show last year, this marks Key’s very first release for PS4! Here’s to hoping for more releases from here on out.

The PS4 version of Rewrite includes all modifications to the main game introduced in Rewrite+; yes, including the updated scenarios and new CGs. Unfortunately, it does not include Rewrite Harvest Festa in the game, so you’ll have to rely on your PC for that release for now. Since it just released, you might even be able to grab the first press bonus item: a drama CD entitled “Chiisana Shiawase wo Motomete” (Looking for a Small Happiness).

Rewrite PS4 is available internationally from CD Japan and amiami, both of which still seem to have the bonus drama CD available.

Rewrite LINE Stickers

And our last release for this week is a set of Rewrite stickers for popular messaging app, LINE! After the release of stickers for Clannad, Angel Beats, Charlotte, planetarian, and even Little Busters (in a sense), it was a no-brainer that Rewrite would be the next set, what with the anime finishing up. Well, the wait is finally over, and the Rewrite stickers are here, featuring almost every character in the Rewrite universe.

These stickers were illustrated by Tensho himself, the director of the currently airing Rewrite anime. Who knew he could draw so well? These stickers can be picked up from the creator’s market, available internationally, for approximately $1 USD for the entire set. Grab it by clicking this link.

And that’s a wrap for this week’s set of releases. 4 big releases over the course of one week is something worth celebrating. And we hope you can join us in wrapping up the celebration by catching the grand finale of Rewrite, airing on Saturday, March 25, at 4PM UTC, either on Crunchyroll or Daisuki. It’s the grand end of Terra, and although it might be the end of anything new for Rewrite for now, you can be sure that it’ll be a while before Rewrite allows itself to stop doing it over and doing it better.


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