[APRIL FOOLS] Baffling Leaks! Key Partners up with…?


Key is switching to a higher gear for their 20 year anniversary in 2019! Recent leaks from PikoPiko Comics reveal that Key are about to bring the onions to the happy, go-lucky world of Nintendo! And this will be kicking off next spring with a hip new augmented reality game, Dan GO!! It’s not confirmed but this basically confirms that all Key games will also be ported to the Switch, YEAH!!!

The leaked pages included Presidents Takahiro Baba and Reggie Fils Aimé explaining how Dan GO will rock the gaming world. The game will track the player’s position through GPS, and as you wander around the harsh reality of the concrete jungle you will encounter various Key critters. You’ll be able to restrain the defenseless creatures with treats and traps in order to later grind their bones into precious fuel for the Summer Pockets mech-suit. Players can then battle each other’s mechs and conquer territory in honor of their faction of choice. Now that sounds like an absolutely riveting and original idea! We also managed to dig up this tweet from last summer showing what we believe to be beta footage from the game. We can see a dango calf that’s already been enslaved and a dog about to meet the same fate.

Only time will tell the magnificent Keytendo coupling will bring us. This recent tweet from VisualArt’s indicates that a Summer Pocket related Labo tissue box is also in the works, but whatever happens we’ll be there! And you should too, so share, comment and stay tuned to our blog for more Key and Dan GO news. When the game releases, we’ll make our own faction so that you can show your loyalty to the cause. Keep making good memories, Latchkey Kids!


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