Angel Beats! Operation Wars Is Ending


After over two years and hundreds of cards, the Angel Beats! Operation Wars mobile card game will terminate its “operation” on May 10. Like the many other Key-themed card mobage before it, all good things must eventually come to an end.

“But Yerian,” you say, “my life will not be complete without an Angel Beats!-themed mobile game to waste all my time!” Well never fear, because back in January, a new mobage called Angel Beats! Yurippe no Guild Daikouka Daisakusen, or Yurippe’s Grand Guild Descent Operation started up. You can check out our article about it here.

And for those of you who really need that card artwork fix (I’m included in this one), you can find every ABOW card ever over on gamerch’s site. Be careful though, once you start, staring at the pretty artwork is probably more time consuming than the game itself.

Source: Twitter


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