New Angel Beats Mobile Game 'Yurippe no Guild Daikouka Daisakusen' Announced


Following the popularity of the ever-successful Angel Beats! Operation Wars comes a brand new mobile game featuring the cast of Angel Beats!, entitled Angel Beats! Yurippe no Guild Daikouka Daisakusen, roughly translated as “Yurippe’s Grand Guild Descent Operation”. The goal of this game is to shoot a ball from the top of your screen and use that ball, along with other elements of the map, to hit the other balls in the map. Basically, it’s Peggle. Naturally, in classic mobile game fashion, your fellow SSS members will help out and use skills that allow you to clear the map more easily.


The game has been announced to be released in early 2016, and will be compatible with iOS devices running least iOS 8 and Android devices running at least Android 4.3. Screenshots can be found in the website linked above, which is also currently accepting pre-registration for the game. VisualArt’s has also been kind enough to release a PV of the gameplay, which you can view below.

So, what do you all think of this game? I personally think it looks a lot more engaging than ABOW, and will definitely try this out.


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