Angel Beats! -1st beat- OP Single "Heartily Song" Released!


The seemingly endless wait for the release of the Angel Beats! -1st beat- OP and ED Single “Heartily Song” is finally over. Early sales and the game’s OP being viewed at Comiket Special 6 aside- Wherever you may be on the globe, April 1st has come and gone for many and Heartily Song copies are now being shipped around the world to all who ordered one. Better pay off that AmiAmi preorder!

You can still purchase Heartily Song from many sources, such as, CDJapan and backorder on AmiAmi, with only more options to come.

As more and more people hear the single, it’s being hit with a some mixed reviews. When you get your hands on it or just get the chance to hear it in general, do be sure to share here what you think about it! I personally adore the track and look forward to sharing why!

You can hear the game length version of the track at CS6 here until the OP is posted officially.


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