Angel Beats! -1st beat- Download Edition Now On Sale


Earlier today, @key_offical tweeted that a downloadable version of Angel Beats! -1st beat- is now being sold at! It went on sale on October 9, and costs ¥6800, as compared to the ¥7500 price of First Press Edition.

DMM is a Japanese webstore that sells downloadable versions of all sorts of media, from movies to books to games. And they accept foreign credit cards! (although the game itself is still in Japanese). With this release, the Angel Beats! visual novel is now more accessible to fans around the world, both in terms of ease of purchase and of cost. Will you be purchasing it now that it’s available online?

For more info about the Angel Beats! visual novel and franchise, and for details on where you can purchase the First Press Edition, make sure to check out our series info page!

Thanks to forum member Lilu for the tip!


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