Winter Confetti's English Air Fan-Translation Released


Article by forum member Takafumi.

Thanks to the work of Winter Confetti a full English translation of the Key Visual Novel ‘Air’ has been released! Air has had a long history of being lost in translation hell: Many people have attempted to bring Key’s second Visual Novel to the English speaking audience, and until now none of them have been completed.

Winter Confetti is a branch of Amaterasu Translations: a small team of translators and editors, who are known for translating Visual Novels quickly and cleanly.
Headed by Ixrec, the team have translated many Visual Novels, including: MOON., Cross Channel, MuvLuv, and Rewrite

To download the English Patch, and find out more about Winter Confetti, go here.

Another translation group, Gao Gao Translations will be releasing their own Air translation later this year, so make sure to check them out.


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