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Welcome to Kazamatsuri! We are an international community of English-speaking Key fans here to discuss and analyse Key’s works, report and discuss the latest Key news, collaborate on various fan projects, and also just generally hang out and make new friends through the community! We’re all a big tight-knit family here, and we’d love for you to join us. Whether you’re a long-time Key fan or you’re just beginning to enter the world of Key, all are welcome! If you’d like to learn more about Key, check out our Key Information Page.

It would be false to say that Kazamatsuri gave birth to this community, it might be more accurate to say that Kazamatsuri was born because of the community. There have always been so many English-speaking fans of Key’s works all across the internet for years. We were spread out across Twitter, IRC Channels, Facebook groups and Anime Forums, but it’s always felt odd to me that there was never a place for us to come together as fans of Key to call our own, and I understand that many others shared my sentiment. Responding to the need, I decided to reach out to other passionate Key fans I’d met over the years that I believed would share my vision, and together we created Kazamatsuri. We couldn’t be happier that Key fans finally have a home to return to, a place where we can celebrate our love of Key without fear of judgement, where we can intelligently discuss and even debate over Key’s works without resorting to name-calling and constant flame wars. We love to have fun, but we take great pride in our standards of quality for our discussion and content. We hope you’ll find the community here very cozy and welcoming to you.

So, what can you expect from our community? Our blog highlights all of the latest Key news of interest from both the industry and the broader community. Our forum is full of in-depth discussion of Key’s works, with topics for every series, every route and every character. You want to talk about Minagi’s route of AIR? What about Kyousuke’s character in Little Busters? Maybe you want to share your Charlotte drawing, or share your favourite sound files from Key games. There’s already a vast range of topics prepared for you, just click the search button in the top-right of the forum to find more! Alternatively, each series’ General Discussion topic serves as an index for all topics related to that series, so they are another excellent place to get started.

Arguably Kazamatsuri’s biggest attraction is our Bookclubs, which are huge events which span several weeks and see the community come together to read and discuss a Key work together. Our planetarian and AIR Bookclubs have been very successful, and we’re hoping to continue that success with our CLANNAD Bookclub. Alongside forum discussion, a select few of our community also host podcasts alongside the the Bookclubs, as well as podcasts also to discuss the latest news in what we call The Monthly Terra. We’re always looking for new talent, so if you think you’ve got the skills for it, you should consider applying sometime!

While the focus of Kazamatsuri remains on the forum and blog, we also have an active presence on social media, with our Twitter and Facebook accounts. On Twitter in particular, you can anticipate lots of Key-related retweets, so we definitely recommend giving us a follow! And if you’d like to chat and get to know our forum members in a less formal, more cozy setting, our Discord chat is always active and full of people to talk to! Talking on Discord and some other features of the forum are initially locked out to new users, but if you casually use the forum for a while, you’ll be granted the ‘Member’ badge in no time. Once you’ve come that far, there’s no turning back! You’ll be one of us.

The Kazamatsuri community wouldn’t be the awesome place it is today without the valued contributions of people like you! If you share our desire for a quality community to intelligently discuss Key’s works with fun and passionate people, then we hope you’ll consider joining our big dango family!

Let’s create good memories together!

If we’ve managed to convince you, please first take a look at our Code of Conduct we’ve specially prepared for you before jumping in! It contain lots of useful and very important information, I promise it won’t take long!