Weekly Charlotte Music Update #5


Another week, another serving of great music, thanks to the talents of the Charlotte music production team! Our first track for this week is, naturally, a clean version of last week’s How-Low-Hello song, Hashire, uploaded on VisualArt’s Official Youtube Channel. The Misa (instead of Yusa) preview picture, along with the different tone of the song kind of makes me feel like Misa is performing it!

Up next, from the weekly Charlotte radio, we have a new track by ZHIEND entitled Clouded Sky. It seems like this is the most soft-spoken ZHIEND track that we’ve been introduced to so far, and it is pretty relaxing to listen to, in my opinion. Hear it for yourself!

Lastly, we have some pretty cool ZHIEND news revealed on the Charlotte music website! We have the official cover art for their upcoming single, Trigger, which you may have already seen at the top of this article. We also finally have the name of the third song to be included in the single! The third, previously unnamed song, is entitled Let’s Feel Good.

We only have less than a month left until the release of the three upcoming singles, and I hope you’re all hyped to hear the full versions of the Opening, Ending, How-Low-Hello and ZHIEND songs!


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