VisualArt's USA Twitter Account Opened!


Big news for Twitter users! Following the success of their Facebook Page, VisualArt’s have launched an accompanying Twitter Account to communicate all the latest Key news to their fans on Twitter in English: @VisualArtsUSA! Key themselves have had an active presence on Twitter early 2015 with the @Key_Official account, so it was only a matter of time until a similar English account was made. While it is not specifically a Key account but rather a VisualArt’s account, we can expect that like the Facebook page, the account will predominantly tweet about Key products. We anticipate that the content posted will be very similar (if not identical) across the Facebook and Twitter pages, so don’t feel like you’re missing out by only following one.

Be sure to give them a follow and show them just how many fans VisualArt’s has on Twitter! Let us know what you think of this turn of events below.


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