VisualArts Launches Crowd Fund for an Exclusive planetarian Record

Planetarian record

VisualArts has now launched their crowdfunding campaign for the planetarian Analog Collector’s Edition, an analog record with the main vocal tracks from the planetarian novel and anime. You can follow the campaign over at CAMP FIRE where it will be going until 25th of June 23:59 JST. The special, limited rewards sold out in a matter of minutes, and pledges seem to continue at a healthy rate. The campaign’s goal is 1 million yen; the page explains that no stretch goals beyond that have been planned, but if they come up with any those will apply to all levels of pledges. This project was initially revealed by Orito Shinji on a VisualArts live stream on the 18th of May. It had previously been suggested on Twitter by Togashi Magome, and thanks to the attention it got they started planning this crowdfund.

As for the product itself, the record is planned to be a 12 inch LP disc illustrated by Komatsu E-ji and featuring the tracks listed below. The estimated time of delivery is September 2017 with shipping being free within Japan. You can also contact them about shipping to different countries. They updated the page saying that Camp Fire unfortunately doesn’t allow for foreign transactions.

1.Human Warrior
2.Twinkle starlight Remix (New Recording)
3.Worlds pain
4.Gentle Jena

1.星めぐりの歌[Hoshi Meguri no Uta]
2.Twinkle starlight
3.星の舟[Hoshi no Fune]

Below are a list of the available pledges, but all limited ones are currently out of stock leaving just the standard ones which are unlimited.

  • Early Bird Pledge (Limited: 10) - One copy of the planetarian Analog Collector’s Edition for 5000 yen. [Out of Stock]

  • Standard Pledge (Unlimited) - One copy of the planetarian Analog Collector’s Edition for 5500 yen.

  • Silver Pledge (Limited: 20) - One copy of the planetarian Analog Collector’s Edition with a serial plate and a jacket signed by Komatu E-ji, Togashi Magome, and Orito Shinji for 10000 yen. [Out of Stock]

  • Double Standard Pledge (Unlimited) - Two copies of the planetarian Analog Collector’s Edition for 11000 yen.

  • Gold Pledge (Limited: 10) - Two copies of the planetarian Analog Collector’s Edition for 18000 yen. This reward also comes with a serial plate and signatures from Komatu E-ji, Togashi Magome, and Shinji Orito. It’s optional whether they sign the record or the jacket; however, they warn that a signature directly on the record will get scraped off if the record is played. [Out of Stock]

The Air and Little Busters! versions of these records are rather exclusive pieces of merchandise, and this one is probably not going to be an exception. It definitely wouldn’t be a loss to get your hands on just the regular record. Furthermore, if you’re interested in the previous analog records, it just so happens that the Little Busters! Bookclub will be providing a chance to obtain a copy of Little Busters Analogue Collector’s Edition in the near future.


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