VisualArt's Goods for Anime Central Announced

VisualArt's Goods for Anime Central Announced

Only one more week until the first overseas events for VisualArt's takes place: Anime Central in Rosemont Illinois, from May 20-22, 2016. Earlier today, VisualArt's has announced on their official Facebook page the goods they plan to sell for the upcoming event. While this doesn't confirm anything for the next events, we're expecting the goods for all the coming overseas events to be more-or-less similar. So what nice Key goods do they have up their sleeves? Check it out in their official post below:

And for those who would like some more bits of trivia for these goods, we've transcribed each of the goods, with a short description and some info for you guys.

  • Kakejiku: Similar to last year's offerings, they'll be releasing high-quality wall-scrolls, hand-signed by the respective artists, for a whopping $1000. No info has been stated, but last year, only one of each design was made per event, so expect this to sell out fairly quickly! The designs announced so far are Tenshi (Angel Beats!), Nao Tomori (Charlotte), Nagisa Furukawa (CLANNAD), and Sizuru Nakatsu (Rewrite).

  • Reflection Art "Rewrite": A framed and signed special artwork featuring the original cover of the Rewrite game, with a hefty price tag of $320. What makes it a "Reflection Art", you ask? It seems that, when viewed from different angles, the rainbow color of the background varies. And of course, it has Hinoue's signature on it, as well! Check out this sample picture uploaded some time ago:

  • Dango Cushions: Small and Big dango plushies to make your very own Dango Family, priced at $10 and $15, respectively.

  • Rewrite Introduction Note Plus: An English version of the "Rewrite Introduction Note" released in the Key C89 Set at Comiket 89, this is a book that aims to give people who've never read Rewrite a quick introduction to prepare them for the upcoming anime. Priced at $20.

  • T-Shirts (Angel Beats! & Charlotte, Angel Beats! & Harmonia, Rewrite): Some fairly standard T-shirts, exclusively sold at Key's overseas events. $25 each, for three different designs, all of which old designs used in other events and merchandise.

  • Card Size Sticker: $5 for what is more commonly known as an "IC Card Sticker", a sticker that can be used to spruce up various cards that use NFC or IC chips. These can be removed and reused as you please, and contain Rewrite and Angel Beats! designs.

  • Hinoue Itaru Works 2009-2016: Originally sold at character1 and the Itaru Hinoue Art Exhibition II, people outside Japan can now pick up this collection of Hinoue's artwork from 2009-2016 for a fair price of $20.

  • Angel Beats! Perfect Vocal Collection: Originally sold at character1, this CD contains all the vocal songs from the entire Angel Beats! series released so far, with an additional new song, "Hungry Song". Priced at $30, this actually makes it cheaper than its Japanese release!

  • Na-Ga Art Works "rindou": Also sold at last year's events, Na-Ga's first artbook is up for grabs! Considering the $100 price tag, this is likely the premium version, with a hard-bound felt cover, and a unique serial code for the event.

  • Itaru Hinoue Art Works "white clover": Hinoue's first artbook, released 7 years ago in 2009, is also up for grabs. This is the regular edition currently available for retail in Japan, and is priced at $40.

  • CLANNAD 10th Anniversary Art Book "Hikari no Kiseki": Artbook released in commemoration of CLANNAD's 10th anniversary, containing both original and fan art. The price point of $20 (which is less than half of the retail price in Japan) and the note saying "Damage outlet" seems to imply that the copies being sold wouldn't be in very good condition.

  • KSL Live World 2016 T-shirt: T-shirts from the recent KSL Live World 2016, costing $30 and featuring chibi artworks of Kotori Kanbe and Nao Tomori, along with one of the main visual from the concert. The main visual shirts sold out pretty quickly during the concert, so that might be a worthy investment.

  • KSL Live World 2016 Bag: Also from KSL Live Worl 2016, a non-woven fabric bag featuring the same chibi artworks from the above-mentioned T-shirts. Priced at $15, it seems to be useful should you need it, but my personal experience with a similar bag (from the Charlotte Secret Live) has shown that this isn't very durable.

  • Charlotte Tote Bag: Some more goods from character1, these tote bags feature the logos of ZHIEND and How-Low-Hello. $20 makes it a bit more expensive than the KSL Live World 2016 Bag, but they are definitely made of a more durable material than the former.

  • Charlotte Sticker: Stickers taken from the C89 Charlotte Set, these stickers, priced at $2 per sheet, contains the logos of ZHIEND and How-Low-Hello, with a clear background, making them usable for sticking to many different items.

  • Rewrite Wall Sticker: Also from the C89 Key Set, these wall stickers, also priced at $2, are designed to be stuck beside your wall power outlets, and contain some pretty cute designs featuring Rewrite characters.

  • Microfiber Towel: Priced at $30, these meter-length towels feature numerous Key characters in swimsuits, and were previously sold at last year's VisualArt's Summer Sale.

  • Big Bath Towel: Also from the VisualArt's Summer Sale 2015, this big bath towel incorporates the new designs from the previous microfiber towels, and is priced at $50.

  • circle of fifth: Shinji Orito's major album released in 2012, and available at ACEN for $35.

  • Crann mor: An arrange album containing re-arranged tracks of BGMs from Rewrite, and also part of the C89 Key Set. That makes everything except the lewd calendar from the Key Set available at ACEN! Priced at $20, this album contains some really amazing covers, and I'd say definitely worth picking up.

  • Pin Badge: Featuring the Angel Beats logo design sold at the Summer Slae 2015, and a seemingly new ABOW character design, these pin badges are being sold for $10 and $15, respectively.

  • Tapestry: Featuring Holy Breaker! designs from the Summer Sale 2015, these B2-size tapestries are priced at $30.

  • A4 Binder: Probably the only Little Busters merchandise being sold, a $25 A4 Binder featuring Kanata Futaki, which probably can be used to store A4-size documents.

  • Angel Beats! -Operation Wars- Illustration Collection: And last is the illustration collection featuring nearly all the artwork from the recently closed mobile game, sold at $20. Originally released at Comiket 89, it came with a small 2016 calendar, but no note has been made as to whether the ACEN release will also include said calendar.

And that's all for our detailed guide to the ACEN goods. We hope this will help you in planning out where to spend your money on during ACEN, and all of the upcoming overseas events as well.

(All images taken from @KudoKou_now and @key_official)