The Monthly Terra: March & April 2014

The Monthly Terra: March & April 2014

Welcome to our first instalment of The Monthly Terra! In this segment we'll be looking back on the month of activity of the Twitter account and pulling up anything of significance you may have missed during the month. There's heaps of tweets like fanart RTs that would take me forever to post here, so I encourage you to follow the Twitter yourself if you're worried about missing anything! This entry came a bit later than planned, but I hope you'll bear with us! I have no guarantee that this will remain a monthly thing either; it could end up being less or more frequent, we'll wait and see. So, with introductions sorted, let's dive in!

Mar 16: Officially Opens!

We'd been running a closed beta of the forums for a month before, but that date marks the point our social media presence began, and we opened the community to public access!

5 New Angel Beats CGs revealed!

Details on the PSP Version of Rewrite

Facebook Page Revealed

Mar 17: Key Radio moved to permanent home

I personally spend a lot of time there chilling out to Key music. It's a really nice service! If you feel like being social and listening to Key music with members of the community, check it out!

We shoutout to some great community discussion

Mar 18: Forum member rpgcaster's vlog series gains a new entry

Mar 20: Kanon Writer Naoki Hisaya to work on Sora no Method Anime

Forum Member Inuconandoyle shares his review of Angel Beats!

Some nice fanart of Lucia from Rewrite

Mar 22: A glimpse of a real life location Rewrite was based on

Mar 24: Sora no Method PV

Mar 26: Key Bookclub Proposed

Key Bookclub is gonna be a big deal! Keep an eye on the forums and our Twitter for more information in the future. I hope to make it a big focus of the website, and help encourage people to participate in some great discussion. Stay tuned!

Mar 27: Little Busters!: Refrain DVD & BD Vol. 3 Limited Edition Released

Mar 28: A Piano cover of 'A Capriccio Played By An Awakening Love' by forum member rpgcaster

rpgcaster vlogs Little Busters: Mio Route

Apr 2: I promise a social update soon (now titled Terra Monthly). I delivered a bit late~

A nice Clannad MAD

Kitazawa Ayaka’s First Album Production Project Announced

Apr 4: Little Busters: Converted Edition for PlayStation Vita has been updated to include full PlayStation Vita TV support!

This was my first example of a little news update that didn't get any mention on the blog. I'll bold tweets like these that I deem worth seeing~

Apr 5: Komari Kamikita's birthday. We didn't do anything to formally celebrate this, but it made a huge stir on Twitter and inspired me to start making a big deal of Key Birthdays. There were heaps of retweets of fanart people were posting for her birthday. Here's some samples.

She also happens to share her birthday with our webmaster, Uppfinnarn!

Apr 12: I share my Kengo cosplay~

Apr 15: I do a shoutout to forum member Takafumi's Pokemon hack.

Artist Zen Kamuro draws us a dipiction of the original Little Busters, 10 years after.

I've been told Zen has done art for the Rewrite Light Novel and the Little Busters EX Manga, so he's pretty legit!

Apr 16: Rewrite PSP Opening Revealed

Apr 20: Tomoyo After Trial for Android Released

Winter Confetti's Air Translation Released

Apr 22: Forum member Bizkitdoh professes his love for and its members

An amazing Riki Naoe impression appears on Twitter

Apr 25: Little Busters!: Refrain DVD & BD Vol. 4 LE Released

Apr 26: The Dorj-a-thon begins!

This really helped bring the community together, and together with an increase in promotion of the site, ushered in an unprecedented spike in activity!

Apr 28: Happy birthday to one of our regulars, Kanon!

Blog posts now pull comments from the forums! Awesome!

We discover this Little Busters crystal on AmiAmi

Clannad Announced for PS Vita

Apr 29: Results of the Dorj-a-thon!

Apr 30: Angel Beats VN: What We Know So far

Kengo Miyazawa's birthday!

This is the first time I push the community to get involved in celebrating a character's birthday. We had discussion about Kengo pinned at the top of the forums for a day, everyone was encouraged to share fanart, and a bunch of retweets were made! Here's a few samples.

Little Busters! PERFECT Vocal Collection released

And lastly, a sneak peak at something brewing behind the scenes~

That sums up the first two months of's presence on Twitter! What did you think? Do you want to see more posts like these? Give us some feedback in the discussion thread! I hope you'll have us again for a May edition in a month's time~

Mission Complete!