The Monthly Terra: June 2014


Welcome, Kagikko, to the third edition of The Monthly Terra! This month we had a couple of birthdays, some community spotlights, a Sora no Method PV, and the just today, the release of Angel Beats! Operation Wars, the mobile puzzle card game. Read on for more details!

June 1: Happy Birthday Miyuki Sawashiro, voice actor of Masami Iwasawa from Angel Beats!

June 11: Happy Birthday Mei Sunohara!

Nature Couleur PV and Release Date

June 12: Happy Birthday to both Kudryavka Noumi and Kano Kirishima! Kud got plenty of tweets. Kano, not so much.

June 14: The community has a game of Tribes: Ascend.

June 15: Early design sketches of Haruka and Kud.

Update from Dango on the status of the Little Busters! EX Translation Patch. commemorates Father’s Day with some Key Dads discussion!

June 16: Happy Birthday to forum member Takafumi!

June 17: Happy Birthday Shizuru Nakatsu! Rewrite might not be Key’s most popular work, but you definitely have some fans!

June 19: Suginami Fanart Spotted!

June 20: Forums have surpassed 2180 posts! Good job guys!

June 23: <a href=""><strong>Nature Couleur Launch Event Announced.</strong></a>

An Orchestra Performance of the Little Busters Opening!

June 24: <a href=""><strong>Sora no Method PV Released!</strong></a>

June 25: Ayaka Kitazawa’s 1st Album: Nature Couleur released!

June 28: A series of Quote Threads on the Forums begins with Rewrite. Come share your favourite Rewrite quotes!

June 30: Angel Beats! Operation Wars has been released!

Hey guys I was actually on time this month! Yahaha~ Bit of a slow month for the site, but big things are coming soon. It hopefully won’t be long before we begin the long-awaited Bookclub commences. This will be a huge deal for our site, so please look forward to it!

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