The Angel Beats! 1st Beat Preorder Bonus Character Poll Has Concluded


Since the 13th of this month, Key has been running a poll on the Angel Beats! Visual Novel’s website to allow fans to vote for what character they’d like drawn by Na-Ga to be packaged with 1st Beat preorders.

As of today, the 25th of February, the poll has concluded and the results presented on the Official Key Twitter in a fun dialogue between Angel Beats! characters Miyuki Irie and Shiori Sekine.

The results (top 10) are as follows:

Are you ready? I wasn’t.

Coming in at 10th place with 2,238 votes is Shiori Sekine!
Next up in 9th place with 2,535 votes is Shiina!
8th place with 2,841 votes goes to Yuzuru Otonashi!
7th place with 4,980 votes goes to Miyuki Irie!
6th place with 5,586 votes goes to Yusa!

5th place with 5,667 votes goes to Yui!
4th place with 7,476 votes goes to Masami Iwasawa!

3rd place with 8,172 votes goes to Yuri Nakamura! … Wow, really..?

And 2nd place, with 10,767 votes is Kanade Tachibana!..?
So… Those are some big names! Tenshi got second?!
And 1st place has 19,116 votes?!
"Whoever could it be???" you ask? Well, allow me to inform you!

None other than the almighty Matsushita, of course!

… Okay, so it’s important to note the vast majority of votes for Matushita were illegitimate, making him more or less disqualified. Sorry, Matsu. The true winner of the poll is Kanade, and all other characters are in fact one spot higher on the list- With the added bonus of Hisako making it into top 10 at 10th place!

Congrats, Kanade fans! You’ll be getting a special illustration in your preordered copies of 1st Beat!

Further dialogue from Irie hints towards another character poll in the future, but it’s not confirmed.



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