Summer Pockets Dengeki July Stories and Song Details

Shiroha Miko

It’s time for more Dengeki G story extracts. It seems we’re getting into mid/late game stuff now!? So prepare for potential spoilers. The page comes from Moetron as usual. We’ll also be covering details on the ending and insert songs that have been announced throughout May.

Dengeki July

A Ten Year Old Promise

Kamome: “It’s still here! That’s amazing!”
Kamome took something out from a corner.
Hairi: “A flag? What’s that doing here?”
Kamome: “We hid it here 10 years ago. Looks like no one found it.”
Hairi: “Is that a cat?”
Kamome: “It’s Cat Beard, our team logo.”

Rounding off the Summer, Together

Tsumugi: “WO〜W!”
Tsumugi was very surprised.
All the candles I’d made from the Prangles cans,
They were now all lit up like a lighthouse.
Tsumugi: “This is…incredible. But why so many candles?”
Hairi: “It’s a surprise birthday party.”
I wanted to celebrate Tsumugi’s birthday in advance.

Her First Crêpe

After just walking around town, we took a break.
Shiroha seemed happy with that though.
Shiroha: “…? Oh, sorry, I’ll hurry up.”
She awkwardly tried to force the crêpe into her mouth.
Hairi: “No, it’s fine. Take it easy.”
I guess she thought I was staring to pressure her.
Shiroha: “Thanks…”

Torishirojima’s Sleeping Beauty

I recognized the girl in the hospital room.
Rather, I knew that sleeping face.
Hairi: “Ao…?”
Ao: “Hello, Ai.”
The girl didn’t react to Ao’s greeting.
Hairi: “…Ai?”
Ao: “Yeah, she’s my elder twin sister.”

This tweet from about two weeks ago announced the details for the first three new songs from artists we already knew about.

  • Konomi Suzuki will be performing the route ending titled Lasting Moment. The lyrics are by scenario writer Yuu Niijima, and Donmaru is the composer and arranger.

  • Runa Mizutani will be performing an insert song titled 『羽のゆりかご』, which would translate to something like Wing’s Cradle. The lyrics are again by Niijima with Shinji Orito composing. The arrangement was done by Mizutani’s partner in the duo NanosizeMir, Yuichiro Tsukagoshi.

  • YURiKA will be performing another insert song title 『夜奏花』, which would be along the lines of Flower of the Night Melody. On her blog she expanded the title to “The flower that plays at night,” and that’s what I’m going by mostly. Lyrics are by Kai and composition and arrangement by Tomohiro Takeshita.

However the first announcement made no mention of Jun Maeda, who had been confirmed to be working on a music piece for the game. This has now been revealed to be the grand ending song–presumably like Clannad’s Tiny Palms or Rewrite’s Canoe–titled 『ポケットをふくらませて』meaning With Filled Pockets. Maeda worked on lyrics and composition, with arrangement by bermei.inazawa and performed by rionos. I looked up a crossfade for one of her albums, and it feels pretty Love Song-esque. There will also be a choir part from Mari Yura and violin work by one Chiho Saito.

I’m not the right person to talk about music, but I’m sure all songs will turn out nice. We’re so close, guys. The game will be out before the next Dengeki issue even. VisualArt’s are right now counting days on Twitter, saying the game will go gold on June 8th. My body is ready to hunt for pirate booty, how about you?


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