Summer Pockets Dengeki August Stories (Spoilers Warning)

Shiroha Nomiki Waterguns

With the game released, these stories seem to have shifted into the next gear. It appears we’re getting a peek at content from the true route and some of the heroines’ endings.

Before the stories themselves, we should first look at what the magazine is saying. In big letters, we see them talking about the possibility of a new heroine. However, her true identity will only be revealed to those who play the game.

Dengeki August Walker.jpg

The Girl Without Memories

Shiroha: “Nanami.”
Nanami: “…Eh?”
Shiroha: “Sorry, I just heard that was your name.”
Nanami: “…Yeah.”
Shiroha: “Dinner is ready.”
Nanami: “Thank you, I’ll come in a moment.”

Together in This Dream

Ao: “…Hehe…nmm…Hai…ri…”
Hairi: “Ao…?”
Ao: “…Always…together…”
Ao: “…Ahn mah…morning…coffee…”

For I Love Your Smile

Shizuku: “If you need to cry, you should let it out.”
Shizuku: “But I’ll always be here smiling.”
Shizuku: “I’m so happy the three of us could be together.”
Shizuku: “I love you.”
Tsumugi: “…Shi…zu, I, I love you too…”

Beyond the Dream, a Faint Promise

Kamome: “Mommy…I want to see everyone again…”
Kamome: “Are they doing okay…”
Kamome: “I wonder…if they remember me.”
Kamome: “If the pirate ship is still there.”
Kamome: “If the keys are still hidden in the same places…”

Smiles as Radiant as the Sun

Ryoichi: “Damn… we’re beat. Let’s surrender.”
Miki: “Now, concentrate all fire!”
Hairi&Ryoichi “WHAT!?”
Miki: “You too, Shiroha.”
Shiroha: “Eh?… Uh, take that.”
Hairi: “Gah!”
Shiroha: “That’ll teach you.”

It’s unclear if this is the last we’ll get from Dengeki; it certainly seems like a good cut-off point, but we’ll just keep translating if more comes out.


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