Summer Pockets 1st Print Bonuses and Dengeki June Stories

1st Pocket Bonuses

Key has revealed the full list of bonus items that come with the first print edition of Summer Pockets. There’s a total of seven bonuses, same as Rewrite and Angel Beats! -1st beat-. You may want to check Aspi’s old 1st beat unboxing for reference on some of the items. You can find the official item list here; not all reference images have been uploaded at the time of writing.

1. Torishirojima Travel Guide

A book detailing the places, lives and culture of the island the game take place on. Reading this guide guarantees a more pleasant stay on Torishirojima. The guide is written by the “Torishirojima Boy Scouts.” Based on the Summer Pockets trial, I can only assume this refers to the three supporting characters: Ryoichi, Tenzen, and Miki. The group name only comes up in passing, so I can’t say for certain.

2. Summer Pockets Arrange CD

Further details, like title or whom it’s made by, are currently unknown.

3. Inari Rubber Coaster

A round coaster featuring our frivolous fox friend.

4. Microfiber Handerchief

Perfect for wiping off glasses or smartphone screen.

5. Luminescent Butterfly Sticker

A sticker with glow-in-the-dark properties based on the iconic butterflies in the story. Interestingly, the creature is now referred to as 七影蝶(lit. Seven, Shadow, Butterfly).

6&7. Weiβ Schwarz and Lycee OVERTURE Cards

Unique cards for these two TCGs, presumably one for each.

You can pre-order Summer Pockets easily on Amazon or AmiAmi

I’ll leave you with the most recent story extracts from Dengeki G’s June. Scans are from Moetron. Please note that the cast interview on page 4 will take much longer to translate. Until next time!

Dengeki June Shiroha Ao

I Need to Have It, No Matter What

There stood…Shiroha
Hairi: “Are you here for that ice cream again?”
Shiroha: “…I saw you restocking.”
Hairi: “So you’re keeping look out from over here…”
Shiroha: “There’s always only one per shipment.”
Hairi: “Got ya.”
She’s gotta be quick so no one else takes it.

In the Murky Depths

Hairi: “Can you tell me, please.”
Hairi: “About this future you saw”
Shiroha: “…Well it wasn’t very clear…”
Shiroha: “It was pitch black and cold.”
Shiroha: “I struggled but couldn’t breathe.”
Shiroha: “I couldn’t scream for help…”
Shiroha: “And I was just sinking…”

Feelings Confirmed

Ao’s lips pulled away slowly.
I was happy but more so I was left wanting more.
Ao: “…I love you, Hairi…”
Hairi: “…I know.”
Ao: “Can we…just…one more?”
We held the second kiss much longer.

My School’s Boys Only, You Know (Full scene available in trial)

Ao: “Eh”
Hairi: “Eh”
Ao: “……”
Inside was Ao in only her underwear.
The wind chimes out front rang with their soothing sound.
Ao’s face went red before my eyes.
Ao: “Uu”
Hairi: “UWAAAAAH!!”
A second before Ao could, I screamed all I could.

Dengeki June Tsumugi Kamome

Important Night Talks

Tsumugi: “I want to…talk about something.”
Tsumugi: “It’s very…important.”
Hairi: “Sure, take a seat.”
Tsumugi: “Yes.”
She sat down in front of me.
She smells really nice. Maybe because she just bathed.
Tsumugi: “…So what I want to talk about…”
Tsumugi: “It’s about…myself.”
Hairi: “…Yeah.”

Waking up in Her Lap

Tsumugi: “Hairi-san…are you awake”
Hairi: “Uh…Tsumugi…?”
Tsumugi: “You should lie down for a little longer.”
Hairi: “Uh, yeah…”
Tsumugi: “Phew… I’m glad”
Hairi: “And… This is?”
Tsumugi: “Since you just collapsed out of nowhere.”
Tsumugi: “I thought you needed to rest well.”
Hairi: “Oh, thanks.”
Tsumugi: “No, you’re welcome.”

The Secret of the Suitcase

Hairi: “With these railroad tracks here.”
Hairi: “Isn’t it awkward to pull your suitcase?”
Kamome: “Actually, not at all.”
She smiled craftily.
Kamome: “You see, before I left.”
Kamome: “I put on the mountain set.”
Hairi: “And what is ‘the mountain set?’”
Kamome: “I have customized wheels.”

Memories of Adventure

We’d lost lost our flashlight.
So we sat down in the dark cave.
Kamome: “I’m sorry this turned out so scary.”
Kamome: “I’ve been pretty reckless.”
Everyone: “……”
Kamome: “But that’s that.”
Everyone: “…That’s that!?”
Kamome: “Our goal shouldn’t be far.”
Kamome: “We just have to continue.”


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