Special VisualArt's Reception at Japan Expo


VisualArt’s have just announced that on the evening of Thursday, July 2, the first day of Japan Expo, they will be holding a special dinner for their fans at a restaurant in Paris. Company CEO Takahiro Baba and Angel Beats -1st beat- director Kai will be attending. Of course seating is limited, so there are two ways to get a seat:

  • Anyone who has preordered a Kakejiku on the Kawa-Soft online shop will automatically get in.

  • A quiz will be held at the “FRONTWING & KEY” booth at 16:30 CET before the dinner, and those who arrive first will be able to win a seat at the restaurant.

The winners of the quiz will be announced at 17:00 CET, and you must be present to win. Only one entry per person is allowed, and entering the quiz is free. Those who are selected will have to pay 10€ to get into the restaurant, but VisualArt’s will cover the rest of the menu price. Those who bought a Kakejiku will have the full price paid for by VisualArt’s.



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