Special Coverage of the 2016 Key Cafe!


Photo by @katuki_x_l

On October 8th 2016, just in time for the Key Points event, a group of passionate kagikko in Tokyo hosted their very own Key-themed cafe, and our Japan correspondent RyuuTamotsu has written up his impressions for all of us to read! Check it out below. For more information on the Key Cafe, check their official website here. We’d love to see this make a return in the future!

Today, October 8th, was a special day for some of Key fans in Japan as they had the chance to visit Key Cafe, a fan-made key style cafe. @Glenn_Irish and I were lucky enough to be there for one and a half hours.

The Cafe was next to Suehiro-cho station (around 13 minutes walking from Akihabara station). And as I mentioned before, the Cafe was fan-made, so it wasn’t a surprise that the shop was small.


As we entered the cafe, a number of cosplayers of various Key works’ characters welcomed us. And as we were waiting for our order to come, we enjoyed listening to Key works’ soundtracks playing in order from Kanon to Charlotte. The cafe was decorated nicely with a lot of Key merchandise (Plushies, flyers… etc). It was against the rules to take pictures of the staff, but we took some pictures of the cafe and the food.


The atmosphere was really nice, the staff were kind and they were talking with everyone about key. Everyone in the cafe had a good time singing Dango Daikazoku with Nagisa, and following the orders of Yurippe, even Akiko san made an appearance.

The cafe was special in many ways, starting with the food/drinks. The menu had a collection of Key-themed dishes. Every Key work had at least one choice on the menu (Except for Harmonia) and with every dish/drink you get one can badge with a character from that work (illustrated by Remotaro). You can check the menu from here

We ended up ordering the Rewrite set (Esaka’s antique shop’s super delicious sandwiches and… well -oppai- chocolate. The drink was Kotori’s home-made tea served with a key-shaped cookie).


We’ve also ordered the Air set (Giant riceballs and a thick peach nectar).


We also got Air and Little busters themed drinks. Air’s drink was a blue soda with a unique straw and behind it is Little buster’s drink with oranges as cat ears.


And here is our collection of can badges!


The cafe also had a key on each table, which allows you to call any of the staff to come and do something that the character they are cosplaying did in the VNs/Anime. (Kotori did “Girls punch” and Misuzu did “Bui sign” …etc).

And you can take an instant picture with any of the staff there for 500yen/picture.

Key cafe was a good experience. It is really nice to see this kind of activities every now and then. Hopefully, Key Cafe will motivate key fans across the world to do more key-themed fan activities.


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