Special Announcement: Welcome to the Kazoku Collective, and Introducing Rokkenjima.


We’ve been preparing this for a few months now, and now we’re finally ready to share the news with you guys. Kazamatsuri is expanding! Specifically, Kazamatsuri’s two founders, Aspirety and Uppfinnarn, together with our new web designer kyuketsukimiyu, are creating a network of fan communities under the brand “Kazoku Collective”. Kazamatsuri is the first of these communities, and from today onward, it will be joined by our second community: Rokkenjima, a fragment for 07th Expansion fans.


07th Expansion, lead by writer Ryukishi07, are a doujin visual novel developer responsible for the ‘When They Cry’ series (Higurashi & Umineko no Naku Koro ni), among others. Key fans may recognise the name Ryukishi07 as one of the writers of Rewrite, responsible for Lucia’s route. Rokkenjima operates a forum for discussing Ryukishi07’s works, and we’re already hosting a Tea Party (Rokkenjima’s version of Bookclubs) for the first chapter of Higurashi, as well as a mystery game for forumers to participate in. If you have any interest in Ryukishi07’s works, or if you’re curious about exploring a world of mystery, psychological intensity and philosophical intrigue, then we’d love to see you join us.

What does any of this mean for Kazamatsuri? Honestly, not a lot. Kazamatsuri will still receive as much love and attention as before, and we’re still going ahead with all of our promised events in the future, with the Kanon Bookclub scheduled to start around May/June. The CLANNAD Bookclub Anthology is still in development (sorry it’s taking so long!) and there’s more secret projects we can’t talk about just yet that are still in early development. So don’t worry, nobody is going anywhere! All this means is that the brains behind Kazamatsuri are expanding to bigger things, so if you like the idea of more Kazamatsuri-like communities, then this may be exciting news for you! The Kazoku Collective is also open to the idea of helping others achieve their vision of creating communities dedicated to discussing other niche media, so if you want to create a community of your own and are interested in joining our network, be sure to contact us by email and we’ll listen to your proposal: contact@kazoku.co

Thank you everyone for your support over the two years we’ve been around. It’s been an amazing ride, and it’s only going to get better! I hope we can count on your continued support in the years to come. Let’s continue to create good memories together!



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