TV Commercial of Angel Beats! Blu-Ray BOX


Uploded to the Aniplex Youtube earlier today on the 11th of June, A 30 second TV commercial of Angel Beats! Blu-Ray BOX, featuring new footage of Special Episode 2 “Hell’s Kitchen” was published. Once again, the video is region-locked, so Kazamatsuri has benevolently rehosted it on our Facebook page:

Angel Beats! Blu-Ray Box TV Commercial

The new Angel Beats! Blu-Ray Box TV commercial has just started airing, and it features some new footage of Hell's Kitchen.But wait... Is that..? But could that mean..?!

Posted by on Thursday, June 11, 2015

Flaming TK and Berserk Hisako and Attack Helicopters?! This is looking to be one interesting episode, and will likely generate some hype for the upcoming visual novel.

This commercial not only shows many new clips from the episode, but it also advertises some new items included to make the Angel Beats! Blu-Ray Box release worth while outside the new OVA.

The Angel Beats! Blu-Ray Box will be released on June 24, two days before the release of Angel Beats! -1st beat-.


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