Rewrite:SIDE-TERRA Completed and Available for Purchase

Side Terra Covers

Rewrite:SIDE-TERRA, which is the manga counterpart to studio 8-Bit’s anime, finished its two year serialization at the end of last month. The manga is illustrated by fan favorite artist, ZEN, who’s worked on countless –official and fanmade–Key projects over the years. The manga is most easily purchased via Amazon.

So what would you actually be buying? Well it’s mostly the same story as the anime; the first two volumes(11 chapters) cover the first season while the last two volumes give 6 and 10 chapters to the Moon and Terra arcs respectively. However, there are slight differences from the anime. The first volume is much closer to the visual novel probably because the manga and anime were made at the same time and you can’t really cross-reference everything. Another example is how the manga includes a scene that was excluded from the final episode to many fans’ dismay. If you want a taste of the manga, ZEN tweeted out previews of each chapter starting around the second half. You can look through the history of those here.

So this looks to be the final part of the Rewrite franchise, and Little Busters! will probably follow suit next year depending on how long the Last of Refrain manga ends up being. I always feel a bit conflicted on these series ending, like ending for real, so if you have any thoughts on SIDE-TERRA or the franchise please tell us down below.


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