Rewrite Vol. 1 and planetarian Blu-Rays Released


Last September 28, 2016 saw the first home release of Key’s latest foray into anime: the blu-ray/DVD release of the first volume of the Rewrite anime adaptation, and a blu-ray only release for the entire planetarian ~chiisana hoshi no yume~ anime adaptation. Releasing both of these at the same time was a pretty good marketing strategy, as it was a buy that many Key fans would have a hard time saying no to.


The first release, Vol. 1 of Rewrite, contains the 46-minute long premier episode of the Rewrite anime, along with a special box cover drawn by Itaru Hinoue, a digipak designed by the anime’s character designer (as shown above), Masayuki Nonaka, and a special bonus CD containing tracks of the Monthly Terra radio segment. You even get a cool bonus booklet containing some of the anime character designs and other juicy stuff from the anime.


What’s more, you even get a shikishi if you buy it from partner stores (AmiAmi being one of them!), featuring Kanbe Kotori. A very kotori-ful release for this first volume, I gotta say.


The planetarian blu-ray release, however, came with a much simpler, traditional blu-ray disc packaging with the cover as seen in the banner above. It does come with a small bonus item though: a replica of the ticket used in the Hanabishi department store planetarium for Yumemi’s special projection!


You can still pick up your copy of these releases through AmiAmi (Rewrite BD/Rewrite DVD/planetarian) or CDJapan (Rewrite BD/Rewrite DVD/planetarian)

(All pictures c/o @RyuuTamotsu)


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