Rewrite PSP - Details and Release Date Announced


Details of the upcoming PSP port of Rewrite have surfaced! The game will include new voices for unvoiced characters by Rei Sakuma, Hikaru Midorikawa, Kikuko Inoue and Kenji Nojima. Unfortunately, they specified that Kotarou wouldn’t be getting any more voice acting. However, the game will be including the much-requested sprites for Inoue of the Kazamatsuri Academy Newspaper Club!
The game will also include the ability to save screenshots, and included in the package is a drama CD. The story of the drama CD revolves around Kotarou and Kotori discovering a treasure map left behind by the disbanded Treasure Hunting Club, and searching for treasure. The game will be releasing on the 17th of April for 5800jpy RRP.


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