Rewrite 2nd Season Announced!


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The final episode of the Rewrite anime has just aired and Japan, and with it comes a commercial announcing a second season! Rewrite 2nd Season is scheduled to premiere in January of 2017. (The commercial contains massive spoilers for Episode 13 which just aired in Japan)

Thanks once again to ECsquall for the mirror!

The commercial didn’t offer many details, but it has confirmed what content will be covered. While the first season loosely depicted the events of the common and five character routes (together with some original content), the second season will depict the events of the Moon and Terra arcs, which together comprise the ‘true ending’ of the visual novel. We expect it will continue off from the events of the prologue of Episode 1. Yeah, the chronology of Rewrite is just as confusing as ever.


Prologue of the first episode, depicting the beginning of the Moon scenario.

Fans of the original should be able to rest easy knowing the writers no longer have to worry about smooshing 5 character routes into one story, since the remaining content follows a single linear narrative. With that in mind, we should be able to expect a more faithful adaptation than before. Those new to Rewrite can look forward to the conclusion of the series which will hopefully answer many questions the first season may have left you with.

UPDATE: The official website confirms that this second season will be 11 episodes, spanning 6 Blu-Ray volumes for a total of 24 episodes making up the entirety of the Rewrite series.

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