Rewrite Harvest Festa has Released on the PS Vita


As of the 18th of May 2017, Rewrite’s fandisc Harvest Festa is available on the Playstation Vita thanks to Prototype who regularly handle the console ports of VisualArt’s games. With this first console version of the game comes a number of commodities as usual. The game has new interfaces for both the story bits and the dungeon crawler RPG Rewrite Quest. Players also have the option to skip through or rewind the game even from saves, and you are given a number of wallpapers for your Vita home and start screens.

For those not familiar with Harvest Festa, the game consists of 6 shorter scenarios each centered around one of the heroines as well as the aforementioned dungeon crawler. The scenarios were handled by the same writers as in the original Rewrite with Tanaka Romeo being in charge of the Kagari scenario. Some of the scenarios are direct sequels to the routes in Rewrite while others are more independent. The game also includes voices for all characters at all times including the protagonist, Kotarou.

Prototype commented that, mostly thanks to Lucia, Harvest Festa is the first Key game on console to receive a D rating on the CERO scale. Some people might be aware of the scene in question due to a certain beachball the anime’s second season. In response to this, the scenario writer Ryuukishi07 denounced all blame claiming he only wrote as instructed.

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