Rewrite arrange album "crann mór" released!


Here’s a treat for you guys! An all new arrange album for Rewrite was recently sold at Comiket 89 as part of the Key Set, titled “crann mór”. It features impressive orchestral arrangements of Rewrite’s soundtrack by Hideki Higuchi, who you may remember for his work on the “MABINOGI” and “memento” arrange albums of CLANNAD. Personally, I’m a huge fan of his previous work with Key and have been longing for more, so to see this album pop out of nowhere was a wonderful surprise! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill KSL release; this is a must-own! We’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available for general purchase. You can check out the tracklist below!

01 Travel 4:04
02 Sprout 4:20
03 Bud 3:30
04 Morning Glory 3:11
05 Soft Windflower 6:20
06 Under This Tree 6:48
07 Raised Bed 4:18
08 Remembrance 5:00
09 Sorrowless 3:37
10 Swaying Leaf 3:45
11 Daisy 3:58
12 Sleeping Forest 6:07
Disc length 54:58

For more information on the album, the good men and women at vgmdb have got you covered!

If you’re into discussing and analysing musical compositions, or if you just wanna share your thoughts on the album, be sure to hit up our Key Sounds Label Discussion Topic on the forum!


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