Revival of Key's Staff Blog

Key Staff Blog

Key staff have started posting on their blog once again! So far there have been posts by Shinji Orito, Na-Ga, and yucchi on their work in Summer Pockets, with the first one covering the recording session with Konomi Suzuki for the opening song ‘Alka Tale’, which will be releasing on the 28th of March.

Alka Tale Recording
Summer Pockets Sketches

Na-Ga’s post covers the drafts he did for some of the visuals from Summer Pockets, while yucchi talks briefly about colouring and his miniature Japanese rock garden. More posts from the Key staff blog are scheduled every Wednesday until the Summer Pockets release.

yucchi's Garden

VisualArt’s have also commenced a YouTube series titled ‘Summer Pockets Kikikomi Radio’ in which they’ll be sharing details about the game in a talk between VA President Baba and lead writer Kai, this comes out every Tuesday and Saturday.