Results of the Dorj-a-thon!


Over the past weekend hosted a Dorj-a-thon. In a nutshell, people just had to post pictures of a Dorj they created (Dorj being the big cat from Little Busters) and the community voted on their favourite. The entries have been submitted, the votes tallied, and we have our results! You’re invited to to drumroll.

Number 7: Attack on Dorj by


I think this should’ve been higher! The idea is hilarious itself.

Number 6: Sasha's Dorjtato
& Rules of Nyature by


The rules (of nature)
 weren’t clear on multiple entries, so I just lumped them together.

Number 5: Dorje by



Number 4: 3D Dorjtato by


This was my number 1 pick personally. Look at that effort! You can see the full album of photos taken here.

Number 3: Yaranaika Dorj by


…how the hell did this get number 3?

Number 2: The Original Dorjtato by


Well… At least it didn’t get first place.

And the winner is…

Number 1: Dorj Daikazoku by Bizkitdoh!


Congratulations Bizkitdoh! I think you earned it, unlike some of us! You can see some closeups of the drawings on his twitter.

NOW THEN. I believed I promised a prize to the winner. Bizkitdoh, you get the honor of choosing a custom title for yourself! Assuming you don’t want the one you currently have. As a bonus, I’ll even grant you the privilege of choosing titles for Bonecuss, Kluck and JDAM_Cid who don’t have a title yet. It’s your duty as ruler of the Dorj rankings!

That wraps up the competition for now! It was SUPER impromptu and just a spur-of-the-moment random thing, but I think it’s really helped to bring this community a bit closer together! I hope we can continue to do more silly events like these in the future. Thanks to everyone participated for helping contribute to this awesome community. Until next time, my Kagikko!


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