Planetarian Steam Page Online (Update: Release Date Withdrawn)


Sekai Project have today made <a href="">the Steam store page for <i>planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~</i> public</a>! Now you can start showing it to your friends and bugging them to buy the game, ahaha. I’m personally going to be poking my head around the Steam discussion forum and official group of the game; hopefully make some contact with the Key fans that wandered in there. It might also be worth mentioning Steam has the feature for users to add user-defined tags for the game to display on the store page. Can you think of any tags you might like to add to Planetarian that aren’t already listed? Anyway, the most important part of this news is that Planetarian has been given a release date!

UPDATE: I’ve just been contacted by Sekai Project to inform you all that the previous release date I mentioned here is incorrect. The release date was posted to the Steam page in error, and the correct release window is still ‘Fall 2014’. I apologise for spreading this misinformation, but I’d like to set things straight. You can confirm the updated release window on the Steam page for yourself. If you’ve already reported on the release date, please let everyone know that it was made in error and the correct window is ‘Fall 2014’.

Regarding the bookclub, I’ll make a final decision over the next few days, but I expect the Air bookclub to once again take precedence over the Planetarian one.

Once again, I implore you. Let’s make sure Planetarian sells well! This is our mission! Spread the word, maybe even consider gifting the game to a friend. I’m playing with the idea of giving away Steam codes of the game in a giveaway at launch, but I’ll talk more about that later. Let’s continue doing all we can to make Planetarian a successful release, and ensure that future releases of Key games end up on Steam!


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