planetarian HD Edition releasing in English, Chinese and German!

planetarian Chinese

You may have remembered our previous news about Key releasing planetarian in Chinese and even German, but here’s a new treat for you fans: these releases, along with the English one, are going to be in HD! Posted yesterday on VisualArts’ official twitter and facebook, they showed some sample images for the additional languages of, specifically, planetarian HD. Seeing as the Japanese HD version was released sometime last year, it’s great to hear that Key is working on porting this version to their fans overseas. No news yet as to how it will be distributed, but we will be sure to keep you all posted.

Also mentioned in Akiba blog (NSFW link), planetarian is going to be available in simplified Chinese text, with plans for maybe Harmonia coming out in Chinese, too! Why go through all the effort of translation, you ask? Well, as Key’s editor-in-chief Kudokou says, it’s all for the Happiness Spiral~ So we hope that everyone can be happy with these new versions of planetarian, and we’re sure that’ll make us, and all the other Key fans around the world, equally happy.


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